Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Psalm 16: Thanksgiving and Ecclesiastic Joy

1. Continue to
fuel me, God,
as I trust You
more daily.
2.My heart-
my very soul-
rings out!
All good things
I have
come from You.

3. I am
in this, Your body,
that You have built;
that has
taken me into
I have found
a church
that I love.
(I'm as surprised
as anyone.)

4. I-
a mutt of humanity,
a mad amalgam
of human failings-
and this wonderful
and motley
band of believers
are joined for
the purposes of
Your Glory.
5. Grace and
are our
our glass
is at least
half full
and still filling
with a
6. Into my
line of sight
has come
a beautiful
& inclusive
I'm surprised to find
that there are parts
of my heritage
to be embraced.

7. I will praise God,
Who has given me
great advice
and a conscience
that occasionally
leads me out
of darkness.
8. I will strive
to have God
in front of me.
With this goal,
my doubt and
will not
destroy me.
9. And so.
I am glad.
God is
glorifying me.
God has
introduced to me
the sweetest word,
and it is
10. God has
spared me the
of my pain.
God has
spared me the
corruption I
often choose to host.
11. God will
reveal to me
the plans
God knows
God has for me
(plans to not fail),
and give me
more of Life.
In God's
giant and
I find


am I now
known completely?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Psalm 15

Lord, who shall abide
in thy tabernacle &
who shall dwell in
your holy hill?
The upright and just;
the shit-heeled
and maladjusted.
The pro-bono defense
attorney and
the death-row convert.
The hawks and doves alike
are given Your grace.
In Your Kingdom
G.W. and I will,
sing gospel songs
by Hank Williams.


does it mean that those
who do not wish to row
won't wish to go

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Psalm 14: In Fear of Judgment

Vast corruption and
acts beyond abomination
have become our hallmarks
and are,
a denial of God.
A denial, in fact,
that obscures and cancels
our few good acts.

God has been Watching.
(I find this chilling.)
God looked upon us
to see if we were
Building the Kingdom,
to view what mischief
we had made.

I fear God
might have noticed.
God might have seen
the Church,
the followers of Christ.
God may have seen,
American individuals
who claim to follow Christ.
God, perhaps,
Did notice our:
-Racist Past
(God, no, our present?)
-Tendency to Refusal
of Love to the Poor
-Our recent-
and seemingly final-
massive turnout
to Sexualize
our Lord

For the obdurately unreceptive, I refer here to the large numbers of people who arrived in force to vote, essentially, against homosexuality with a claim of morality. Not to be too ham-fisted, but I want to make sure that my point here is in no way misunderstood.

God probably noticed
that we are
altogether filthy
and are doing
No Good.

As Fools
we have said,
not the classic
“there is no God,”
but the altogether
more vile
“God is as We say.”

Where are those of
our number
speaking Knowledge?
Do we know nothing
of our Christ?
We systematically
destroy people
and this can
have nothing
to do with a
Living God.

Let us hope that
God, having noticed,
has not yet judged us.
God is righteous
and we are

We have shamed
the face of the poor
and the sick
and the gay
and the depressed
and the embarrassing
and the ugly
and the beautiful
world Our Lord has given.

Would we return
to Torah
and, hence, to
communing with God
we would free
the billions
bound up by hatred.
And all the
cloud of witnesses
and all the
Saints would


All are welcome,
Come to the table.