Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Psalm 24: Our Fathers' World

This world is God’s
and all the sunsets and
mountains and
old-growth forests
in Oregon
(not to mention
small dying men
basements on Chicago’s
near northwest side).
But ascending into God
requires some form
of decency and love
(and probably
good hygiene).
The clean
shall find blessing.
Look hard to see the
face of God
and of your father
who sits in his chair
and looks tired, tired,
and tired
until he thinks
someone is watching.
No, don’t look.
Let God and
your dad
have their rest.
Oh, common ground
reveal yourself
and doors open wide:
God would march
this way.
Oh, sweet love & life &
hard work & sport &
death & loneliness &
confusion & anger & quietude
& joy &
sweet adoration of God’s goodness
reveal yourself
and doors open wide:
God might march
this very way.


if you had
a dad
you might love him