Friday, October 14, 2005

Psalm 21: Of Transposition

If You are strong,
oh God,
I will show joy
and if you help me
I promise to

is the desire
of my heart
worth requesting


Meet me on the
quad at school
seven years ago
with blessings
and crown me
king of then.

i ask for life
but it's been
forever already

Two weeks from now:
my triumphant return.
You will make my
face and hair
to shine.

should i expect
to see you
in chicago
and be glad

If I believe
hard enough,
rumor has it,
I will be unstoppable.

will Your
granite hand
crush my fear

I am sweating out
my doubts
in the heat of
this farmland,
being swallowed
by the fallow

i hope not to
poison this

The machines
of evil are waiting
there for me,
Monkey wrench them.

distract them
and i'll sneak
else they'll
shoot me
in my face

I plan to
feel joy
in Your strength,
and sing out loud.


in & out
we dance & shout

Monday, October 03, 2005

Psalm 20: A Prayer on My Birthday

You are not too broken for God,
you worship the same one as Gustavo Gutierrez,
The God that surprises you
with quiet
and strengthens you
with talk of the Kingdom.
God remembers the
spark of divinity
with which you were born
and will ordain your efforts
if you make them.
God will grant you
a voice from your spirit:
you are completely
God's people
rejoice in your choice
of life
and celebrate you
in the name of God.
Your prayers are
already answered.
God offers you life
and hears you weeping.
You could trust in your
human violence
or you could
expect the wholeness
of Shalom.
That violence will fail you:
You are of
Resurrection People
and may stand up
God saved you already.
Allow God
to hear you.


3 to go now