Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Psalm 17: A Prayer for Sincerity in Service

I will now pray for
some justice, God.
(I hope You’ll hear me,
even if I simply
in ritual

Allow my service to come
from Your justice
and not my liberal guilt;
Give me Your eyes
to see a balancing
of scales.

I endeavor to embrace
Your victory,
to find You in
the darkness.
When searched, I wish
goodness to be found
in me.
(Authenticity is
the new watchword.)
Regardless of the practices
of my fellow strangers,
keep me traveling,
I mean to say,
this better road
You’ve shown me.

I try to
communicate with You
because I do
expect an answer;
lean down here, God,
and hear me whispering
Show me the outlet
to demonstrate Your
staggering love,
help me create
for the people
who are hiding

Make me the
apple of Your eye…
I’m allergic to apples.
Make me the
good rich red
wine of Your eye.
Keep me in the
cool shade of Your figure.
Strengthen me
against the enemies
of Your creation,
the injustice
that surrounds.
Those enemies
are smart
and quick
and big fat liars,
they pride themselves
on their lack of mercy.
I feel beaten
by them,
I fear injustice
has won.
It has cut me up
and intends
to swallow me.

Manifest Your
plans for Justice!
Deliver me from
And my sisters
and brothers,
raise them to
the tasks at hand,
remind them that
this word must change.
Keep us to Your will
so we may leave a
richer heritage
for our children.

As for me,
remind me You are right,
and wake me
each morning
to see You.


lost like a prayer?
lost like a pray-er?