Friday, February 18, 2005

Psalm 12: Of Crooked Smiles

(God, we always need extra from you, I realize, but here I am again asking for help.)

God help us:
We’ve lost all sight
of what is Godly
and we, as people
Attempting Godliness,
are just disappearing.
The people who
follow God
(granted, at a
great distance
are growing evermore
selfish and
our hearts are
duplicating fast
to offer our
more opportunities
to serve 2+
master; doubling
to be ourselves
and our shadows.
You will take us,
from our duplicity
Easy or Hard

and make known
to us that
Our Pride
Is Simple Sin.
Hear me,
gentle reader,
we will be stricken
mute (and fast)
if we speak doubly
and speak in pride.
And S/He will
humble fiercely
those of us who
claim to answer
only to ourselves.

Selah, people, Selah.

God has told me-
In Intimate
that the Poor
and those in dire
Shall be saved and
safe in our Lord

(Let us give thanks,
for the Word of God.)

God’s word is pure
like a sword forged
in the sun’s own fire
Believe what God
has sent me to tell you,
kind reader.
We are given the
suffering masses
so that we may
Serve Our Lord.
Ignoring this call
is a rejection of
the God you worship

God, I know
that you will save
those masses from
the rest of us.
We will revile
and dispose if
left to our own
flawed devices
We, the wicked
idolaters who falsely
claim you,
are on each side of
the oppressed
and are praised
for our wicked success


We surround, like jackals,the very ones who need us.


At February 21, 2005 at 6:16 PM, Blogger Tofflemire said...

Excellent. Enjoyed the NewPsalm. Hope all is well. Keep up the good writing O' sharped pen one.


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