Saturday, November 20, 2004

Psalm 5: The Enemy

I've been thinking
a great deal

(a sure sign of trouble)
about enemies.

I have no
corporeal enemies.

God be praised
Knock on wood.

God, I hate my job
and all the
dolour and decay
inside of me
from doing it.
My job is an

As is my laziness,
my obdurate refusal
to do my dishes
or volunteer,
my stubborn disinclination
to hang up my clothes
or telephone
old friends.
My laziness is an

As is my anger,
my blind rage at
inconvenience and
the failure of
Rural Populism
my choking indignation
at selfish women
and arrogant men.
Yes, and so much more
(my God, so much anger).
My Anger is,
most certainly,
an enemy

And there are
other enemies
locked into my
spirit. Like
ramoneurs and
whores in the French
, my enemies
exhibit an old world that
by rights should have
disappeared and been
nearly forgotten

But no enemies



so much more
than this to say


At November 20, 2004 at 9:23 AM, Blogger Tack City said...

Sorry it took so long.

I actually wrote this and 6 in tandem. So. I guess if you show up in the next couple of hours, you'll get to read them one at a time.
If you got here after the 6th was posted, please try to read this one first. I think (hope, rather) they make a little more sense that way.


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